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This webmaster is the current year vice president of the Eng Family Benevolent Assn of Los Angeles, which in turn is a chapter of the World Eng Klan Organization with branches throughout the world.  In October of this year 2004, a worldwide conference of the Eng Klan will be held in Taishan City of Guangdong province.  A contingent troupe of forty Los Angeles Chapter members will be making the nostalgia journey to visit their place of origin.  A brief profile of some of the attendees are listed to the right.  It is altogether fitting that the Eng Family Association of Los Angeles' poet laureate, Lan Chung, has composed a commemorative poem to observe this oncoming occasion.  Other info on the Klan activities can be gleamed from the above link or the left icon.

After the gala and eventful reunion of the World Eng Klan in Taishan in October of 2004 with an attendance of well over 700, a group of four hundred and thirteen managed to hold still for the following group photo.

A link to a Boston Chapter of the Eng Family Organization was recently created. Please visit their website to learn of additional information related to the World Eng Family and their local Bostonian activities.

The NG (Next Generation) Group of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Eng Family Benevolent Association was established to spearhead the efforts of generating involvement in activities that will continue the traditions of the family association. Members of this group by virtue of definition are more youthful than the active members of the parent association. This photo of year 1978 shows that present senior members were once in the category of youthfulness and next-generation too.

October 2005 Ascendancy to the rank of Yuan Lao is made by Peter Ng of the Los Angeles Chapter of Eng Family Association. Congratulatory testimony was made by many.

December 2007 Tenny Ng, member of our Los Angeles Eng Family Association has ascended to the Vice Presidency of Western U.S. Eng Family Association. Peter Ng, veritably the prodigy son of our Los Angeles Chapter of the Eng Family Association, has recently taken on a wider rein to improve the infrastructure of the World Eng Family Association. The quality of his leadership and efficacious performance was discernibly recognized and he was accorded the Presidency of the World Eng Family Association at the World Eng Family Conference held in Taishan China in October of this year. The Chinese Consolidated Benevolent Association has a broader scope among the Chinese welfare and commercial life. Peter was also called upon to assume the prestigious presidency of CCBA for the coming year. Many friends and colleagues nationwide acclaim their pleasure of the recognition of the amply deserved honors have taken out congratulatory pages of Ads in several daily newspapers as testimony thereof. (The above link will display the six full page Ads in full newspaper image sizes. The pages will automatically scroll but the scrolling can be paused by moving the mouse onto the page. It is best viewed in full screen mode with a horizontal resolution of 1680 pixels.)