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My Mission

We're in the early stages of this website development. Although many pages such as Chinese poetry, music, family happenings are in the cogitating status, you can find some of my favorite proses and snatches of poems herewith. My primary purpose of this website was to share the family tree program with other members of the family so that they know of each others existence and so they can provide feedback to amend and add to the fullness the tree's content. If you click on the family tree link, you'll find I temporarily sidetracked you to a family portrait, for reasons there explained. Right now, the Eng Family reunion conference in China info is uppermost in the site development effort. Thanks for visiting. And check back from time to time to monitor its evolution.

I am number two

My first visit to Paris

Passing of venerable friend in South River, NJ

It was 300 days ago that my sister Lillian Gim Gee
reached her eightieth milestone. It was duly observed.

It was 300 days ago that I made it to my own eightieth
milestone. Accordingly, it was duly observed.

In only 300 more days, my sister Pauline Bo-Gee will
reach her eightieth milestone. It will be duly observed.

It has been days since my major surgery
My Health

Family Interest - Circa Dec 2004
Cynthia & Daniel

Family Interest - Circa Feb 2005
Raymond & Lewanna

Family Interest - Circa Feb 2005
Walter & Hong