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Tommy Eng received his youthful education at Songtouxiang's pride and joy middle school Shangzhi. His original work after immigrating to the U.S. was to follow his father's footstep in the restaurant business. He later gravitated to the automobile maintenance and service trade. Upon retirement after his success at several auto service centers and serendipitous property ownerships, he fondly remembers his childhood in Shangping and the joy of food business. He is a major benefactor to the construction of a modern high school in his Shangping village, and he has found more opportunity to share and display his culinary talent with the Eng Family Association Xianglis, allowing them to savor a prime rib roast, an artistic culinary acheivement second to none. He had been the vice president of the Taishan Fellowship Alliance of Southern California. Cognizant of many Xiangli's boredom in Chinatown, he acts as a tour guides to arrange short day trips to take in different aspects of American cultures generally not readily open to non-English-conversant older folks.