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Fook H. Eng is an American born Chinese, the formative years, 11 to 16, of his eighty years of existence was grudgingly endured, but happily passed away, in . Two of those years he was a student at Taizhong Middle School in Taishan City, disrupted by Japanese occupation. He was a Purple Heart recipient infantryman in Europe during WWII. He obtained a Doctorate in Mathematics from University of California at Los Angeles in 1964. After teaching at the University level for two years he worked in McDonnell Douglas Corp. and Rockwell International Corp. for twenty years on Space and Aeronautical projects such as the Apollo and Space Shuttle. He adminstered the Scholarship Foundation Funds project of the Eng Family Association and presently serves as its vice president. He will be visiting the happy playing fields of Taizhong Middle School (renamed Number One High School of Taishan City) and his Lian'An Village on this trip. You will surely also find him enjoying doufuhua from the Taicheng street vendors as he so often did so many years ago.