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Edward Kwang Ng is an ABC. That is, he is an America Born Chinese, being that his parents went to the United States even before the previous turn of the century. Though he was born on foreign soil and he wore western clothes, his heart was thoroughly stamped by his ancestors with the Chinois imprint. Once again he is returning to China to pay homage to ChangLongChang village, the place of his parents' birth. Ed received his Aeronautical Engineering degree from California Polytechical State University at San Luis Obispo. He worked as a design engineer at North American Aviation/Rockwell International for fourteen years before he decided to branch off to an endeavour where he controls his own destiny. He has headed his own agency for Farmers Insurance Company since 1973. He is a past president of the L.A. Eng Family Assn and was elected in 1993 Grand President/Western Region and is now an elder of the National Eng Family Benevolent Assn.