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The Twin Towers

This poem was composed by my Nephew, Raymond Wu, who was deeply moved by the dastardly event that happened to his newly adopted country on September 11, 2001

Busy as it is down in the streets.
Blue as it is up in the sky.
Standing as you are side by side,
where the tragedy lies.

Arisen from the soil of liberty,
you witness all the sunsets and sunrises.
Embraced by the cloud, cheered by the seagulls,
you accompany the days of our lives.

And now you plunge yourself back to the soil,
and bring hundreds of spirits to the paradise.
I was wondering where you've gone,
for I didn't have a chance to say so long.

I know how much it hurts from inside,
But father told me not to cry
when I was just a small child.
You will always stand tall in my heart,
till the last day of my life.