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From RichardDawkins.Net

A Clear-Thinking Oasis

the good

The Good.

We receive many positive and supportive emails. Readers and visitors continue to send us stories of deconversion, a new understanding of reason and science, and a positive change of direction in their lives. This section is filled with stories of atheists coming out of the closet, struggles with religious family members, and many other situations you might have personally experienced!

the bad

The Bad.

Most letters fall into either 'the good' or 'the ugly' section, but sometimes a letter of criticism is slightly civil. We give these writers a point for marginally good manners.

the ugly

The Ugly.

In her latest book "Godless," Ann Coulter writes "I defy any of my coreligionists to tell me they do not laugh at the idea of Dawkins burning in hell." This section is dedicated to insanity such as this that finds its way to our inbox. When it goes beyond criticism and into Crazytown, we post it up here for all to see.