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Well, it had to come to pass, it was days ago that I reached the Eight Oh plateau.  We did have a bash of a feast with all my syblings and their offshoots and quite a few of my compatriots and a few of my 28th Autumn schoolmates who were still around and could still physically able to attend the gathering.! As for the Rock Band, eighty dancing virgins! that was prognosticated, that didn't materialized.   Too bad! bin Laden had the market cornered on the dancing virgins, anyway.

The venue for this event was at Ocean Jewels Seafood Restaurant, 133-30 39th Avenue, Flushing, NY set for 6:30pm on May 23rd, 2005. I was particularly moved by the presence of friends from a distant time and distant place who kindled anew fond memories of the old days. Herewith is a list of attendees to my birthday observance.

What's next? The wheels of time keep churning and the grim reaper elected not to harvest yet. Do I look forward to the Nine Oh plateau?   Not really! But if both physical and mental health is maintained, I wouldn't mind hanging around. We'll see.