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In 1944 I was serving with the 28th Infantry Division which was bivouaced on the Salisbury Plains of the United Kingdom. Many times during troop deployments, we have seen and marvelled at the strange sights of the monstrous slabs of stones seemingly out of place in the open plains. This past year my cousin Cynthia and spouse retraced my steps of more than a half century and sent me a snapshot of themselves taken at the Stonehenge. Cynthia's paternal grandfather and my maternal grandfather are siblings which makes her a pretty close relative to me. Since, my nephew Billy did not extend the family tree beyond my maternal grandfather, you won't find her listed on any of the branches. Since my maternal grandfather and siblings set root in Seattle, most of my maternal side relatives are situated in the Northwestern part of the country. Cynthia is pursuing a nursing vocation in Vancouver and husband Daniel Lee is in computer applications related to banking. Cynthia Hoy Sue Ying Lee is the baby of our level of the family tree. She was born in 1957 while my own siblings and myself are vintage late twenties and early thirties.