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Party! A Grand sight-seeing expedition to Asia!

Well, it will come to pass, in only more days, Pauline will join me and Gim-Gim as fellow Octogenerians. Tokens to welcome that auspicious milestone, and in fond memories to all the events that went before are on-going. From November 23rd to December 3rd, 2007 a grand expedition was made to visit Northern China. Members of that expeditionary adventure consisted of her children, spouses, and relatives. Specifically, the party included husband, Jimmy; son and daughter-in-law Gary and Doris; daughter Jeanet; daughter and son-in-law Jo-Anne and Bob Jee; cousin Gloria; brothers Fookie and Dr. Young; sister Evelyn Sew Fung Wong; brother-in-law Robert Wing Doy Hung cum daughter Linda.

We visited the Forbidden City in Beijing, attended a Peking Opera dinner as well as a full course renown dumpling feast. Our bus tour through the city gave us an opportunity to witness the feverish construction activities around the famous bird's nest stadium being built for the 2008 Olympic. In Xi'An we visited the Museum of Terra Cotta Warriors and Horses which has been rated as 'the eighth major of the world'. In Nanjing we scaled the heights to the mauseleum memorial to Dr. Sun Yat Sen. I remember 20 years ago such a climb was a piece of cake. But this time, the five of us with a total age of 400 years also made it, we hereby proudly do say. Here is a group photo of the entired expeditionary troupe. Point your mouse to the person to see how they are referenced to Bo-Bo (if you don't know). Here are an extensive series of photos of our trip in chronological order.

Bo-Bo has been at her winter home in Delray Beach since the turn of the year. In days when her eightieth birthday will be official, an entourage of similar personage or more will showup to profusely tender respect and love to a real swell person.